DDOT shall:

  • Ensure that the safety of the District's transportation system and public are of paramount importance in all agency activities;
  • develop and implement transportation safety programs that promote the safety of the commuting public;
  • incorporate transportation safety features in the development, design, and construction of pedestrian, bicycle, motor vehicle, and mass transportation facilities and programs;
  • develop and design all agency transportation projects to ensure that public safety is maintained at all times.

Procedures & Services

Safety Improvement Programs

DDOT develops and maintains a number of transportation safety programs for District residents and the public, such as the Child Safety Seat Program. A complete listing of programs can be found at DDOT's Highway Safety Office website.

Distracted Driving

Beginning July 1, 2004, it is illegal for motorists to use a mobile phone or other electronic device while driving in the District of Columbia, unless the telephone or device is equipped with a hands-free accessory. The Distracted Driving Safety Act of 2004 is designed to improve traffic safety in DC by reducing the number of crashes caused by inattentive drivers who become distracted by the use of phones or other electronic devices. The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is the agency responsible for enforcement of the Distracted Driving Safety Act of 2004. More information on the specifics of the act can be found the following MPD page regarding the Distracted Driving Safety Act of 2004.

Vehicle Crash Data/Forms

In the event of a vehicle crash where no police report was taken, residents should fill out the forms below and submit them to DDOT. Only report property damage, and submit them within five (5) days of the crash. DDOT uses the completed forms to collect information that facilitates the implementation of safety programs.

Crash (accident) data collected by the Metropolitan Police Department is incorporated into the DDOT Crash Database. Data from the database is used in traffic engineering studies, safety activities, and for distribution to other government agencies, developers, consultants, and the public.

Federal Compliance

DDOT shall procure and administer Federal funds in support of the District of Columbia's Highway Safety Program, as required by the National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSHA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Highway Safety Improvement Program

The DDOT Highway Safety Improvement Program is a data-driven, strategic approach to improving highway safety on all public roads through the implementation of infrastructure-related highway safety improvements.

District of Columbia Highway Safety Improvement Program Handbook

Roadway Safety Audits

Road safety audits (RSAs) are a proactive approach to improving transportation safety. A RSA is an examination of a future or existing roadway, in which an independent, qualified auditor reports on safety issues. It is a way for DDOT to improve safety and communicate to the public how DDOT is proactively working towards crash reduction. The step-by-step procedure of a RSA can be performed during any or all stages of a project, including planning, preliminary design, detailed design, traffic control planning, construction, pre-opening, and on existing roads. For an existing road, the RSA is effectively a review and is discussed as a road safety audit review (RSAR). 

Roadway Safety Audit Process

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