Public Space Permits


Occupation of public space beyond the extent permitted by existing law or regulation is forbidden, unless specifically authorized by a permit from DDOT. (DCMR 24-100.1)

DDOT shall ensure that all public space permits, including but not limited to: permits for dumpsters, electric wiring, tree removal, excavation, parking, fences, retaining walls, signs and banners, sidewalk cafes, curb cuts, and special displays, contribute to the established policies laid out for the use of street space. (DCMR 10-A913.26)

DDOT reviews and approves public space permit requests for work within public rights-of-way, including private use and utility work public space requests, to ensure that transportation services are maintained and that the infrastructure is restored after the work is complete. (D.C. Code §50-921.04)

Procedures & Services

All public space permit applications should be submitted and processed through DDOT's Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS).

Special Notes for Public Space Rental Applicants

Insurance Requirements for Public Space Rental Applicant FAQs

Specifications Manual for Public Space Application Submittal Material

Public Inconvenience Fee FAQs

Note: Detailed permit information can be found on each subject page. (E.g. - public space permit information for bicycle racks can be found on Bicycle Parking).

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