DDOT shall review and approve public space permit requests for work within public rights-of-way, including private use and utility work public space requests, to ensure that transportation services are maintained and that the infrastructure is restored after the work is complete; (DDOT Establishment Act, § 50-921.04).

Procedures & Services

All public space permit applications should be submitted and processed through DDOT's Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS)

Utility Policies and Procedures Manual

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is responsible for constructing, operating and maintaining transportation facilities within the District of Columbia for the benefit of its citizens. Carrying out this mission often requires the relocation of non-DDOT owned utility facilities that are located within the Public Space.

The utility policies and procedures are intended to establish a fair and efficient process to complete utility work, consistent with federal and local regulations and DDOT Standards. In addition, this Manual is intended to be the companion of the DDOT Design and Engineering Manual, and together, respectively, they provide the utility coordination and technical requirements required to accomplish utility accommodation and relocation in advance of or in conjunction with DDOT construction projects.

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