Bicycle Lanes


DDOT shall plan, provide, and install bicycle lanes on roadways in order to create a comprehensive, interconnected network of bicycle facilities, improve bicycle safety and access, and expand transportation choices in the District of Columbia.

DDOT may designate any traffic lane on any roadway for the exclusive use of a single class or combination of classes of vehicles, such as bicycles, during certain hours. (DCMR 18-2220.1).

Procedures & Services

Travel by other vehicles in bicycle lanes is prohibited, with few exceptions. (DCMR 18-2220).

No one may stop, stand, or park a car or other motor vehicle in a bicycle lane. (DCMR 18-2405.1).

DC Bike Lane Count Fact Sheet - 2011

Shared Lane Markings (Sharrows)
Road markings used to indicate a shared lane environment for both bicycles and  automobiles.

Bike Sharrows FAQ

2016 DC Bicycle Map

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