DDOT's Parklet Program envisions converting some parking spaces throughout the city into small public "parks." Parklets are, in effect, an extension of the sidewalk into the street, exchanging curbside road space for additional public gathering space. Past experiences with PARK(ing) Day, on which temporary parklets are placed in metered parking spots for one day, provided motivation for DDOT to develop a program to create more permanent parklets.

Parklet Guidelines 

Procedures & Services

Each parklet will require a permit. Permits can be solicited through the Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS) under "Public Space Rental/Annual Permit". Anyone who is interested in installing a parklet is welcome to apply, including Business Improvement Districts, neighborhood organizations, property owners, or business owners. Applicants must provide plans and documents for their parklets, as laid out in the Parklet Guidelines. Applicants are also required to schedule a Development Plan Review meeting through TOPS so they can discuss their plans with DDOT staff and receive feedback.

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