DDOT shall develop and maintain alleys for their traditional purposes as preferred access to off-street parking, loading facilities for individual properties and utility corridors that support off-street public services such as water, sewer and electricity, and solid waste and recycling collection.

In addition to their traditional purposes, alleys shall also be preserved for their value as public amenities such as established pedestrian and bicycle circulation within commercial centers and residential neighborhoods, and for their current or potential value as Green Alleys, which help retain stormwater runoff.

Procedures & Services

Maintenance of the District's alleys is shared by both DDOT and the Department of Public Works (DPW). DDOT shall perform repairs, re-paving, or other emergency services on alleys as needed, while DPW is responsible for alley cleaning.
FAQ: How do I request alley paving or alley repairs?

Residents may call the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311, or complete a service request using 311 Online. Residents should identify the specific alley location and repair problem (i.e. pothole, re-paving) and describe the type of existing alley surface (i.e. dirt, concrete, brick).

FAQ: What are the steps involved in an alley repave/repair?

  • Inspection
  • Determination on work (e.g. work order or not work order needed)
  • Work performed-alley re-paving and other pavement repairs: Scheduled annually. Require a longer time frame based on backlog of work, funding authority, and contract availability
  • Emergency alley requests (handled on a case-by-case basis)

FAQ: How do I request repairs to an alley light?

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