Traffic Calming


DDOT shall commit to reducing the negative impacts of traffic; ensure the overall safety and livability of residential neighborhoods; provide a safe transportation system by maintaining a high quality traffic control system; and continue to address traffic-related safety issues through carefully considered traffic calming measures. (D.C. Code § 50-921.04, DCMR 10-A410.7).

DDOT shall adopt the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) as the official standard for traffic signs, traffic signals, pavement marking, and traffic control devices.

FAQ: What is traffic calming?
Traffic calming refers to a variety of physical measures implemented to address traffic safety in residential neighborhoods.

Procedures & Services

DDOT shall evaluate residents' concerns regarding traffic speed, volume, type, and aggressive traffic behavior in specific areas by conducting Traffic Calming Assessments, which aim to develop short-term, high-impact measures to manage or tame traffic flow in those areas where residents observe problems.

A citizen or stakeholder group may request a Traffic Calming Assessment by completing and submitting a Traffic Calming Assessment - Application, along with a signed petition (electronic or hard copy) that includes signatures of at least 75% of the households on the street segment/block proposed for assessment. Applications and petitions may be submitted either online or through the mail.

Traffic Calming Assessment Process Diagram

DDOT Traffic Calming Fact Sheet

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