Parking for Persons With Disabilities


DDOT shall provide on-street parking accommodations for persons with disabilities to ensure better access across the District for all residents and visitors with disabilities.

DDOT is authorized to establish reserved on-street parking spaces for the exclusive use of persons with disabilities. (DCMR 18-2406.9).

Procedures & Services

Reserved Parking Spaces for Residents with Disabilities

Residents with disabilities who live in a single family dwelling and meet certain other requirements can apply to have a reserved on-street parking space. To obtain more information on this program and to apply for a reserved space please contact:

Application procedures and eligibility criteria are established by the following sections of the DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR) Chapter 18-27: Special Parking Privileges for Persons with Disabilities:

Parking Meter Equipment for Persons with Disabilities

Red Top Meter Map

Interactive map available via the ParkDC app (in the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store)

Red Top Meter Locations

*Note: Special parking tags, placards, and permits for persons with disabilities are administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

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Design Standards & Specifications

Transportation Plans & Studies

  •  2013 Parking Action Agenda § 3.3

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