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DDOT is one of several local and federal agencies that compromise the Mayor's Special Events Task Group (MSETG) charged with coordinating the city's public safety planning efforts. The MSETG is responsible for providing interagency reviews and assessments of the opertational, public safety, and logistical components  of proposals for special events.

Procedures & Services

Applicants for special events will need to submit applications for public space occupancy permits through DDOT's Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS), as well as Traffic Control Plans (TCP) with permit requests involving streets closures and/or disruptions to the pedestrian/vehicular traffic flow.

Mayor's Special Events Task Group: "Your Guide to Planning a Special Event in DC": Public Space Occupancy Permits.

DC Temporary Traffic Control Manual

Request for Roadway Modifications and Parking Adjustments Procedure


The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is responsible for issuing permits for parades in the District

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