School Crossing Guards


DDOT's School Crossing Guard Program shall provide safe pedestrian and bicycle environments for District students who travel to and from school by foot or bicycle. The role of a school crossing guard is to help students safely cross hazardous intersections en route to school. They are not meant to replace school monitors, school security, parking enforcement officers, roadway traffic operations patrols, or police officers.

Procedures & Services

DDOT shall accept requests for new School Crossing Guards, evaluate these requests according to nationwide best practices, and assign personnel to locations of the highest priority as resources become available. DDOT will evaluate all School Crossing Guard Requests within thirty days of receipt. Once the evaluation has been completed and scored, DDOT will notify a school's principal of the requested location's placement on the School Crossing Guard Waiting List.

How to Request a School Crossing Guard: Process & FAQs

School Crossing Guard Request Form

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Additional Information

Legal References

  • School Proximity Traffic Calming Act of 2000
  • Civilian School Crossing Guard Function Transfer Amendment Act of 2007

Design Standards & Specifications

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Transportation Plans & Studies

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