The DC Streetcar is a light-rail transit service designed to provide additional connections between neighborhoods, as well as spur economic growth in the District.

The basic goal of a streetcar project is to provide commuters and other travelers the benefits of improved public transportation in a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive, and socially responsible manner.

Additional goals of the new DC Streetcar system are to:

  • Link neighborhoods with a modern, convenient, and attractive transportation alternative.
  • Provide quality service to attract and reach new transit ridership.
  • Offer a broader range of transit options for District residents.
  • Reduce short inner-city auto trips, parking demand, traffic congestion, and air pollution.
  • Encourage economic development and affordable housing options along streetcar corridors. (DC Streetcar Plan)

DDOT shall operate, develop, regulate, and finance the DC Streetcar. (D.C. Code § 50-921.04)

Procedures & Services

Energy Savings Initiatives - Streetcars

Streetcar Utilities Standard of Practice 

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