DDOT shall incorporate sustainable practices in all its activities so that the District remains a safe, multi-modal, and healthy city for present and future generations.

DDOT shall ensure that its transportation activities provide a balance of the three elements of sustainability, which are: Environment, Social Structure and Economy. Environment refers to the natural characteristics of a given area; Social Structure takes into consideration the people, cultures and community aspects of a location; and Economy relates to the financial realities that make up a community. When considered collectively, these elements provide the foundation for the quality of life.

DDOT shall focus on eight priority areas to promote sustainable practices:

  • Promoting Transportation and Land Use Linkage

  • Improving Mode Choices, Accessibility, and Mobility

  • Effective Cost Assessments in Decision-Making

  • Supporting Economy

  • Improving DDOT Operations and Project Development Processes

  • Protecting the Environment and Conserving Resources

  • Climate Change Adaptation

  • Promoting Livability and Safety

FAQ: What is 'sustainability'?
DDOT defines sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Procedures & Services

DDOT's Environmental policy and Environmental Management System are the basis of DDOT's commitment to provide a sustainable transportation system.

Environmental Management System 

Review and Monitoring

Progress made on each priority area will be regularly monitored. A DDOT Sustainability Coordinator will be responsible for collecting performance data and providing analysis in the form of an annual report. The annual report will  include implementation plans, corrective actions and recommendations for improvements to a given priority.

Training and Communications

The DDOT Sustainability Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that sustainability‐related training needs have been identified for all DDOT personnel. DDOT will assure that sufficient resources are available to support the sustainability efforts. A training program will be set up to facilitate implementation of this procedure.

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