Miscellaneous Vehicles


As transportation methods evolve, DDOT shall integrate and regulate the use of non-traditional and miscellaneous vehicles in ways that do not adversely impact the safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and information along public rights-of-way in the District Columbia.

Procedures & Services

Personal Mobility Devices

Personal Mobility Devices are defined by District Municipal Regulations as a motorized propulsion device, or a self-balancing, two non-tandem wheeled device with an electric propulsion system, designed to transport only one person, but excluding a battery-operated wheelchair. Personal mobility devices can be used on sidewalks in the District, with the exception of sidewalks in the Central Business District.

Note: It is illegal to ride or operate a personal mobility device upon the sidewalk within the Central Business District.

Central Business District - No Riding Map


Pedicabs are defined as a bicycle with a single frame that connects two (2) rear wheels and one (1) front wheel or one (1) rear wheel and two (2) front wheels that is designed to be propelled by no more than one (1) person, that transports, or is capable of transporting, passengers on seats attached to the bicycle, and that is used for transporting passengers for hire.

Note: Pedicabs shall be propelled solely by human power and shall not be equipped with a pedal assist device with an electric motor. 

Pedicab Fact Sheet

Multi-seat pedal cycles

Multi-seat pedal cycles are defined as a bicycle with three or more wheels that is designed and constructed to permit seating by more than two people, that is propelled by human power, and that is designed to permit propulsion by more than two individuals simultaneously. A multi-seat pedal cycle includes, but is not limited to conference bicycles, sightseeing pedal buses, or pedal taverns. A multi-seat pedal cycle shall not include a tandem bicycle.

Note: No person shall operate, park, or stand any multi-seat pedal cycle, or cause any multi-seat pedal cycle to operate, park, or stand on any public bicycle path, public highway, or other public right-of-way within the District of Columbia.

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