Highway Access


DDOT Policy and Process for Access to the District of Columbia Interstate and Freeway System

As DDOT owns all right-of-way and infrastructure associated with the interstate, freeway, and local roadway system within the District of Columbia (except roadways maintained by the National Park Service and the Architect of the Capitol). DDOT shall review and approve requests for new or modified access to the District's Interstate and Freeway system based on the following key areas:

Access and Geometric Review 

Ensure that the proposed change in access is acceptable in the context of the existing interstate/freeway system, and that the geometric configuration of the proposed plan is acceptable in terms of satisfying the requirements of applicable design standards and sound engineering.

Operation and Safety Review

Ensure that the proposed change in access operates acceptably and does not degrade the operational performance or the safety of the freeway local street network.

Policy and Planning Review

Ensure that the proposed change in access is in compliance with local and Federal policies and is consistent with approved transportation plans.

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