About Research


Facilitate and promote innovative transportation research, implementation, outreach, and technology transfer activities in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of DDOT's service delivery.


Program Overview

Through the Research, Development, & Technology Transfer Program, DDOT strives to anticipate and address District transportation concerns before they become critical problems. The Research Program serves the entire agency by convening and guiding a structured approach to transportation research, providing research material, and initiating and managing research projects. The Program serves as a repository for research ideas and provides funding for a prioritized set of projects each year.

Three important documents guide the program's work:

  1. Program Manual: policies, processes, and procedures to guide our work (update in progress)
  2. Strategic Plan: defines our priorities and general activities for 2013-2017
  3. Annual Work Program: identifies the projects and other program activities to be funded each year


Program Activities

The following activities are the core focus of the Research Program:  

Research Projects: We support research projects that explore new ideas and technologies, evaluate projects and programs, and encourage new policy development. Information on current and past projects and on the process for identifying, conducting, and implementing projects can be found here.   

Market Scans and Literature Reviews: In the research process, it is vital to understand current best practices and the state of the industry. This can be done through literature reviews, market scans, and inquiries to other groups and agencies. To facilitate this, the Research Program supports and conducts market scans and literature reviews and maintains ties with other professional organizations and transportation research institutions 

Technology Transfer: Once DDOT research is completed, the next step is implementing and promoting the project's findings. The main goal of DDOT research projects is to implement and apply research findings to improve our service delivery. Still, disseminating the results of our projects throughout the agency and to the transportation industry can expand the impact of an individual project. Some questions regarding technology transfer are answered here. One avenue for disseminating completed research findings is by presenting the results at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting and other relevant conferences or training activities. Publishing the results of a finished study is another option for promoting research.

External Coordination: The Research Program coordinates with and leverages other external research programs. This is typically done by proposing ideas for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) and other Transportation Research Board (TRB) research programs as well as selecting projects to fund and participate in through the Transportation Pooled Fund Program.

Student Programs: Helping to develop the next generation of transportation professionals is an important addition to the program's work. Through our partnership with Howard University, students at area schools can connect with DDOT and transportation research through:

The DDOT Library is an integral part of the Research Program. The library houses past studies and reports and connects DDOT staff with printed and electronic resources.
In addition, the Research Program is supported by local university partners, led by the Howard University Transportation Research Center.