Research Projects and Studies

Research at DDOT addresses topics of interest across the agency: from evaluating new technologies and techniques, to supporting new policy development, and conducting before and after studies.  

Active Projects & Completed Projects

Access information on our active and completed research studies. For more information on DDOT research projects, contact a member of Research program.

Market Scans and Literature Reviews

Market scans are surveys of the state of the practice and state of the art in other jurisdictions, and literature reviews survey the academic literature. A scan or review should be the first step in developing a project. They help refine the scope of a project and determine if a proposed research project should be pursued. Some research questions can be answered through a market scan or literature review alone. The Research program conducts scans and reviews throughout the year. DDOT staff interested in more information about scans and reviews can find it here.

Research Ideas and Project Solicitation

The Research Program is always seeking ideas for future research projects at DDOT. To get started, DDOT staff can submit a research idea to our Research Ideas and Project Solicitation. Send in ideas as they occur to you and the research staff will follow up before the next project cycle. 

To become a full research project, project ideas must be submitted as a research problem statement. If you have a project proposal, please download the research problem statement template and submit it to the Research Program at More information and guidance on problem statements can be found here.

External research requests are accepted annually during the Call for Projects held late summer. All external submissions must also have a member of DDOT staff as a project champion. For more information about external submissions, contact the Research Program at

Research Project Selection Process

What happens after project solicitation? The Research Project Process is outlined here