Project Flow





Project Design & Execution

Project Manager

Develop problem statement into scope of work and government cost estimate

Begin assembling names for internal oversight panel and external reviewers


  • A&E schedule: lead procurement process; work with Research Program to secure additional funding if needed
  • University consortium: review proposals, lead budget negotiation
Manage day-to-day work of the project

Review final report within 2 weeks of submission (or per schedule agreed upon in final negotiated scope)

  • Alert Research Program as soon as possible if additional technical editing is needed or if there are major issues with report itself (e.g. not technically sound)

Send report to peer reviewers and gather feedback (coordinate with Lead University Partner for support on this)

Once report is satisfactory, email final report and all related materials to Research Program staff (including DDOT Librarian) and confirm acceptance.

Research Program

Discuss contracting methods and considerations with project manager and help select appropriate means

Review scope and cost estimate


  • University consortium projects: follow University Contract Standard Operating Procedures. Enter requisition and generate task order when ready
  • A&E project: support Project Manager as needed; serve on consultant selection panel; assist with negotiation if needed. Enter requisition for funding when ready
Support project manager, monitor project status

Provide final report template to PI and Project Manager

Ensure final report has technical documentation page and standard disclaimer statement

Lead University Partner

Support scoping and cost estimation, if requested

Facilitate engagement of peer reviewers - establish relationship, set up agreements for payment if appropriate


  • University consortium: Facilitate task issuance, get subcontracts in place (if work is not done by lead university itself)
  • A&E project: none.

Monitor project status

Ensure peer reviewers are engaged throughout the project (as appropriate)

Facilitate engagement of peer reviewers

  • Ensure peer reviewers have received materials and understand expectations for final report review
  • Pay peer reviewers (if previously agreed)

Provide technical editing for final reports (see also Final Reports procedures)

  • Do a round of editing pre-final review by project manager and peer reviewers if there are major grammatical and structural issues
  • Post-final review edit to check/add 508 compliance and to check for minor issues

Financial Management

Project Manager

Provide support to Research Program if requested

Review invoices

Monitor budgets and alert Research Program if there are issues

Provide support to Research Program if requested
Research Program

Make sure project is in the TIP (project 3213)

Gather documentation for obligation packet and submit in Packet Tracker module of ProTrack+. Follow latest guidelines from RAD, but generally will need:

  • Scope of work (from project manager)
  • PAR
  • Labor Calc sheet
  • Government estimate
  • Environmental Forms (generally a CE, get signed by Environmental team
  • Approved Work Program showing this project

If additional funding is needed after negotiation of project, revise work program and submit 1365 to FHWA for signature (after RAD reviews).

Approve invoices

Monitor budgets and update PROMPT

Lead close-out of project:

  • PO close-out
  • FAP close-out
Lead University Partner
For university consortium projects, submit invoices with proper documentation in a timely fashion (monthly, ideally); ensure invoicing issues are addressed in a timely fashionFor university consortium projects, assist with PO close-out process (getting release letters signed, helping to move along any invoicing issues)

Project Documentation

Project ManagerAdd additional content to the project page as appropriate

Update description of project as scope is defined or evolves

Insert quarterly updates in update table on project page with 15 days of the end of a quarter

Add all relevant documentation (materials, etc.) as project progresses

Any data collected documented in DD (as relevant)* and submitted to ROSA-P (as appropriate)

*guidance to come on how to handle project-specific data in the data wiki

Research Program

Create a project subpage

  • Go to Active and Upcoming Research Projects and click the three dots next to create at the top of the page
  • Choose the "Research Project" template
  • Enter baseline information from project submission
  • Check that summary table properly displays information

Add project to RiP

Update RiP as project has updates to timeline, costs, PI, or project manager

Do a final update on the project page:

Update RiP

Finalize and distribute final report - see details on Final Reports procedures page.

Lead University Partner
Provide quarterly updates for university projectsSupport Project Manager in organizing project data