January 18, 2023
Incoming Chairperson
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D

NOI# 23-12 PSD

Re:  Extend No Parking Zone adjacent to Alley 1000 blk 16th St NE

Dear Incoming Chairperson,

Pursuant to the “Administrative Procedure Amendment Act of 2000” D.C. LAW 13-249 (48 DCR 3491 April 20, 2001), the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is required to give a written notice of our intent (NOI) to modify traffic and/or parking requirements. This letter is being forwarded to you for the purpose of notification and solicitation of comments on our intent to implement the following in your jurisdiction:


DDOT intends to relocate (2) No Parking signs on the 1000 block of 16th Street NE to extend the setback for safety and operation.


The existing No Parking signs are setback 5’ ft from the alley.  The ANC asked for a larger parking setback to allow trash trucks the room to turn out of the alley without conflicting with parked vehicles on the opposite side of the street. To remedy this, DDOT is proposing to extend the existing setback for safety and operation.

All comments on this subject matter must be filed in writing by March 3rd (thirty business days after the date of this notice), with the District Department of Transportation, Planning & Sustainability Division, 250 M Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003. If you would like to check the status of this Notice of Intent (NOI), please visit DDOT’s website at If you are having any trouble accessing the NOI site or are unable to do so, please contact the DDOT Customer Service Clearinghouse at 202-671-2800.


Gilberto Solano

Transportation Planner
Planning & Sustainability Division
District Department of Transportation


  • Stephen Cobb, Single Member District Commissioner 5D07

  • George Branyan, Active Transportation Manager DDOT

  • Dalando Baker, Ward 5, Community Engagement Specialist

  • David Carson Lipscomb, Curbside Manager DDOT

  • Mehak Sabih, Transportation Planner DDOT



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Improve Sightlines at Alley Entrance





Date Issued

Jan 18, 2023

Comments Due By

Mar 3, 2023

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