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DescriptionH&I Streets Bus Lane Improvement Project
ANC2A, 2B, 2C, 2F
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What does 'Status' mean?


OPEN = This NOI is active and open for public comment.

CLOSED = The comment period for this NOI has passed. The information is still displayed here, but no longer available for public comment.

Can I get a copy of the original, published Notice of Intent?

Yes! The published NOI should be available for download at the bottom of the page in the 'Files' section. If it isn't present, please send a comment email to the contact above.


  File Modified

PDF File H&I Bus Lane Improvement NOI 21-42 TDD v2.pdf

25 Mar, 2022 by Former user

PDF File H and I Bus Lane Appendix B.pdf

25 Mar, 2022 by Former user

PDF File H& I Bus Lane Update Appendix A.pdf

25 Mar, 2022 by Former user